PROPOR – International Conference on the Computational Processing of Portuguese Language is an event being organized since 1993, being the main conference on the Technology of Portuguese Language, with the goal of presenting the results of academic and technological research and the cooperation between research groups in the area. It is being held every other year, either in Brazil or in Portugal.

Its 1st edition, then under the designation of “Encontro para o Processamento da Língua Portuguesa Escrita e Falada” (Meeting on Processing of the Written and Spoken Portuguese Language), took place in Lisbon (PT), in 1993. The adjective “Computational” was added to its designation in 1996, in its 2nd edition, in Curitiba (BR). In 1998, in its 3rd edition, in Porto Alegre (BR), it started being known under the acronym PROPOR. From 2003, in its 6th edition, in Faro (PT), the papers and presentations began to be done exclusively in English, and the proceedings started being published as volumes in the Springer’s series “Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI)”. From the 7th edition onward, in 2006, in Rio de Janeiro and Itatiaia (BR), the event became biennial and driven by a Organization Committee (OC-PROPOR), composed by 5 members from Brazil and Portugal. In 2008, in its 8th edition, in Aveiro and Curia (PT), given its increasing projection, the event became an international conference.

Following the links, you will find the composition of the Organization Committee and its by-laws, and a summary of the editions of PROPOR.